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09 April 2005

Bianco di Custoza

Vigne_boscogal_2Northern Italy may be guilty of producing some listless white wines *cough* Pinot Grigio *cough.*  Yet if you search a little bit, there are also several well-made, interesting biancos to be sipped. 

The Veneto, of northeastern Italy, is home to well known whites such as Soave and Prosecco.  Let's head southwest of Lake Garda and sample Bianco di Custoza.  This DOC produces white wine made from the following grapes:  Trebbiano, Garganega, Malvasia, and Cortese.  Tommasi, based in Verona, produces a fine, well-priced example of Bianco di Custoza.

Boscodelgal_eti_250The Skinny

Tommasi "Bosco del Gal" Bianco di Custoza DOC, '01 ($10)

***.5 (3.5 stars out of 5)

A wine with a lot of character for ten bucks.  I enjoyed its rich, viscous quality coupled to noticeable acidity.  Bosco del Gal would be great as an aperitif or with any number of appetizers and nibbles.


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I love bianco di custoza and... Lake Garda is really an enchanting place!

ps. I live in Sirmione (near Desenzano)

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