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27 November 2005

The Gift of Wine

Thanks to all of you who participated in last month's wine meme, "Ten Buck Wine Gems."  We developed a great list of cheap, tasty, value vino.

This month's question has to do with holiday gift giving:  If you were to give a wine out of your own cellar/collection/shelf/fridge as a gift this year, which wine would it be, who would receive it and why?

Note: if you've got a stinker of a wine that you want to get rid of by giving it to an unsuspecting acquaintance or ornery boss, that's fine.  Of course, it might be more in tune with the holiday spirit to consider giving one your precious bottles to a good friend, lover, fellow blogger, or family member.  But you make the call.

GiftgivingTo get things started, I'll select and gift wrap a bottle..

To my blogger pal, Bill the Caveman, I'll give Domaine des Baumard Quarts de Chaume AOC 2002 .  Most of my local friends & loved ones don't groove on the sweet vin, so it would be a shame to drink this bottle alone.  It's more fun to share. I bet Bill would enjoy this intense, noble rot-filled goody with me.  In fact, I'm hoping he'll unwrap the gift and come up with a mind-boggling food pairing for the wine (yes, I'm gift-giving with ulterior motives; but hey, I'm still giving!).  Perhaps we'll savor it at L'Eau a La Bouche or Fondumentale (which means I get to travel to Montreal - yet another ulterior motive).  Happy Holidays Mr. Bill!

Now let's see how other winos decide to give of their wine stash.

Tom of Fermentation - Who is on your wine gift list?  And what wine will you be giving?

Jens - Open the large auto repair doors of you Cinnci wine establishment and give someone a gift.

Of course, everyone is welcome to add to our wine gift list.  Simply add a comment or write a post on your own blog and I'll link to it. Finally, once you've made your wine gift selection, pass the meme (or question for those of you who don't like the word, 'meme') along to another food/wine blogger.  Get giving!

Wine Gifts (click the links to find out why each wine is a gift)

Jameson of le wine blog - Ceci 2004 "La Luna" Lambrusco (!)

Andrew of Spittoon - Chateau Guiraud 1999 1er Cru Sauternes

Dave of Vinosense - Gaja Sperss 1997

Bill the Caveman - La Moutonne Chablis Grand Cru 1996 & Métras Fleurie 2003

Maggie of the Wine Offensive - Roagna La Rocca e La Pira Barolo Riserva (see comments below)

Lenn of Lenndevours - Lenz Cuvee RD 1991

Alicat of Something So Clever - Marques de Riscal, Reserve 1998/1999

Mona of Mona's Apple - Siduri Pinot Noir


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Thanks, I love the Chaume, I'll put together the cheese plate... I'Ll give the meme some thought but in the 'memetime,' I offer up to us (if you can make the trip) a plate of the freshest seafood with a 1996 Chablis Grand Cru, La Moutonne (magnum)...One of my fave Chablis' from one of tyhe greatest years Chablis has ever seen... Talk later,


Sounds great. Keep that bottle cool - i'll be headin up north as soon as I can!


OK, my selection is up on le wine blog and ready for linking!


I'd give my very last bottle of 1993 Roagna La Rocca e La Pira Barolo Riserva to Robert Parker. With a note:

This is wine. It was made by Alfredo the anti-Gaja. And he doesn't give a rat's ass about you. Enjoy.

Love and kisses,
Maggie, the ghost of wine's future

caveMan biLl

okay, I'm memed.


hey beau, just checking out the origin of the meme i'm writin :) and just in case you might have made a slight booboo. alicat is the author/creator of something so clever , and she tagged me mona.
i think you meant to put her name in there. if i'm wrong, my apologies :) having fun with this, hope you had a splendido thanskgiving!


okeydokey, me meme is done. cheers beau!


Attention food bloggers: I would like to be tagged :) Thank you in advance!

Danton Vale

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