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29 January 2006

Dis and Dat

RawYou say you like it raw?  I mean raw, r-a-w, as in steak tartare.  Step right up, the Caveman has got raw recommendations for you.  Now don't be too surprised that, "white on meat can be neat."

Seeing as how I'm in the midst of writing a smidgen on a dyn-o-mite bubbly I sipped last night, this post from Madame Maggie is mighty useful.  With the notable exception of Krug, I echo her recommendation to seek out Champagne from the little guys.  Just remember: "NM means non, merci and RM means Right-on-brutha, merci!"

Amelie Mauresmo; you've just won the Australian Open.  How are you going to celebrate?
I'm going to Disn.. I'm cracking open a '37 Chateau d'Yquem! (via Vinosense)

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