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29 January 2006

..Of the Day

Comment of the Day: courtesy our Washington-based Vouvray lover, Jameson:

"The House Wine is better than all of the K Vintners wines. His $50 Syrahs and blends all taste the same; they have no varietal characteristics. Typical of these cult Washinton wineries: maximum extraction, tons of new oak, and late-picked grapes for maximum booziness.

Charles is a marketing genius; he has cultivated his rock star image and Sideshow Bob hair to great success. I applaud him for this! No sour grapes. But the House Wine is a real crowd-pleaser and there's nothing wrong with that."

Don't be bashful, J, tell us what you really think!  Extra points for "Sideshow Bob hair."

And, apros pos of nothing, your song lyric of the day:

"One two for me G, cut the cranky attitude
Wet 'em like a handkerchief, on a stanky fatter dude"
-- The Mask, Danger Doom


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