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28 April 2006

Song of the Day: They Never Got You

Thunderstorm What can you say about a song that makes your feet dance, hands clap and head bob - all before you realize you're gesticulating like a damn fool?  You can say it's a damn fine song. They Never Got You, by Austin band, Spoon, is one of those tunes that is immediately enjoyable. Got You begins with the thunderclap of an approaching storm and immediately breaks into a tightly strummed uptempo melody, which is soon joined by lead singer Britt Daniel's sandpapery tenor voice.  The thunderstorm theme continues throughout the song with jolts of jangled electric guitars and a very cool hand clap solo.  It makes me crave Prosecco and popcorn.

Listen to a preview of They Never Got You on eMusic or iTunes (track 10 on the album, "Gimme Fiction")

Plug in, pour some Prosecco (Casalnova or Zardetto) and dance, fool.

And if you really dig Spoon.  Check out the song Fitted Shirt off of "Girls Can Tell."  It reminds of the song AC/DC would have written, had they been Gen-Xers.

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