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12 May 2006


Barnstorm In about one hour I board my Austrian Airlines flight from New York's JFK to Vienna.  It's already been a tush-taxing travel day - flights from Salt Lake City to Chicago and finally to LaGuardia in NYC.  Then, the need to trek from LGA to Kennedy.  "Taxi!"  For $30 I was able to stop-and-go through Friday afternoon traffic in the back of a cab, upholstered in plush black vinyl.  As an added bonus, I witnessed two incidents of road rage, one of which required a quick brake application by my cabbie.  This resulted in my speedy introduction to the passenger side, front seat head rest.  I normally don't kiss on the first date.  However, I was compelled by physics.

Austrian Airlines is housed in JFK's Terminal 1.  It shares space with Al Italia, Olympic Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Aeroflot (Russia), Air France, Lufthansa, Royal Moroc (Morocco)and Korean Air.  Upon entering the terminal I was greeted with a great big gaggle of cultural diversity: The Al Italia flight attendant strutting out the doors in wrap-around shades, as if she was modeling in Milan .  The Moroccan mother entertaining her son and intermittently praying.  Nouveau riche newlyweds from Russia decked out in snake skin boots and rhinestones.  And of course, an older Austrian couple taking a 'turn around the grounds' before boarding their flight home.

It's a lovely day for flying.  See you in Vienna.

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Safe trip!

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