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21 January 2007

Know Your Grapes: A Quiz

Namethattune Think you're a wine grape genius?  Take the grape varietal quiz and find out how you stack rack up.

Part I:

Albariño is
a) A white grape variety from Portugal
b) Wine growing region in Spain
c) A white grape variety grown in Galicia
d) The meteorological antithesis of El Niño

Burgunder is
a) German suffix for grapes in the Pinot family - e.g. Blauburgunder
b) Austrian moniker for Chardonnay
c) Non-eiswein category of German dessert wine
d) Muscat from the Pfalz - a German wine growing region

Counoise is
a) A red grape used to spice up Bordeaux blends
b) One of the permitted grape varietals used in red Chateauneuf-du-Pape
c) Rare red grape from Alsace
d) Type of wine grape recommended with Niçoise salad

Drupeggio is
a) Grape varietal indigenous to Sicily; used in Sicilian rose wine blends
b) Blasé red grape used in Roman table wine
c) A hybrid scooter developed by Italian company, Vespa
d) Pseudonym for Canaiolo Bianco - one of the grapes blended to produce Orvieto

Continue reading for the answers.

1 - c (Portuguese Albarino is called Alvarhino)
2 - a (The Austrian moniker for Chardonnay is Morillon)
3 - b (permitted Bordeaux grapes are Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Petite Verdot, Malbec, Carmenere)
4 - d (typical grapes used in pink Sicilians are Nero d'Avola & Nerello  Mascalese)

If you...
got 4 right, you're a grape god/dess
got 3 right, you're a grape geek
got 2 right, you're a grape enthusiast
got 1 right, you're a grape beginner
got 0 right, you should be drinking Welch's grape juice


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Recheck the posted answer to the first question.


whoops. thanks for the catch Jon.


"1 - c (Portuguese Albarino is called Alvarhino) ", it's not Alvarhino but Alvarinho, the word you used is wrong! You switched the letters.

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