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25 January 2007

Watch Your Winegut

Beerbelly It appears as if all those jokes about beer bellies and beer guts will have to be rewritten:

"A new study shows that after France and Italy, the United States is the world’s third-largest consumer of table wines. And if that growth stays steady, the U.S. will become the global leader by 2008."

Headlines from 2009
Candidate Insists She's Not a 'Beer-Drinking', Volvo-Driving, Latte-Sipping Liberal

Lose That Winegut in 12 Days!

The New Budweiser Frogs Say, "Gewurz Tra Min Er!"

Introducing The Stadium Goblet

Screaming Eagle To Sponsor NASCAR

Are you prepared for Merlot swilling Packers fans, Riesling pitchers for $6 and Chardonnay in a can (oh wait)?


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Hi Beau!
The US will be the global leader in 2008 for the wine consumption because of the size of the country, but not for the per-capita consumption yet.
The US is today the 35th for per-capita wine consumption : the american drinks an average of 10 liters per year compared to 55 liters for France.


USA! USA! What's that? Aww, dammit. Just when I was about to get my jingo on..


Hi, Beau! Sure you didn't mean "watch your weingut?" ;) Nancy


And in comes Nancy with the zinger!


Beer gut. Wine rack. QED.

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