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24 August 2004

Atlas Peak Sangiovese

Where is Atlas Peak?

"Italian winemaker Piero Antinori drove up the long, winding road to the Atlas Peak region of Napa Valley in 1985, and when he reached the crest of the hill - 1500 feet above the Napa Valley floor - he discovered the place he wanted to grow wine grapes in California. The rocky, hilly terrain and vivid blue sky of the sweeping hanging valley reminded him of the rugged beauty of his family's estate in Tuscany."

It is indeed an idyllic location...


Atlas Peak is known for its Sangiovese.  The 2000 release is quite a nice wine.

The Skinny
Atlas Peak
Sangiovese, 2000 $14
Deep ruby-indigo color
Scents of dried cherry, cedar and violet
A bold Sangiovese with moderate tannins and spicy flavors
*** stars (out of 5)

Try it with grilled Porterhouse steak over beefsteak tomato & tarragon salad


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Merri French

Definately not a wine snob, but very much enjoyed your 2007 Sanggiovese. Excellent!

Kamagra Gel

for the bottle price I noticed the incredible quality and flavor of this wine, of course not all wines with a high price are good, but for the features of the place in where grapes was cultured the quality can't be put in doubt.

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