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13 August 2004

Deconstructing the Wine Review Pt. 2

In Part 1, I converted boring wine review to fun and informative Limerick.

How else to convey a wine's characteristics outside the traditonal format? 

What would you say to a Haiku review?

Original review:  Lustau ‘Papirusa’ Light Manzanilla Sherry, non-vintage ($8) - Lustau Papirusa is a delicate, dry wine that makes an ideal aperitif. This light straw colored Sherry contains subtle hues of brown and almost shimmers in the glass. Unique, 'non-wine' scents of almond, bread dough and salt will pique your curiosity. Papirusa is very light-bodied and has a tangy taste, followed by roasted nut flavors and a long, woody finish. An extremely well made wine at a low price.  Try it with shellfish, roasted almonds or Serrano ham.

Review rewritten as a Haiku:

Delicate Sherry
Light straw – shimmering sea spray
Mouth waters with zest

Gist is the same, but far fewer words.  I'm still looking for investors to help me publish
'The Big Book of Wine Review Haiku'


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