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13 August 2004

Lustau 'Jarana' Fino Sherry

jaranaDry Fino Sherry is, to put it mildly, not well known in the U.S.  To many, the word 'Sherry' conjures up images of sweet, syrupy Cream Sherry.

Last night I led a Spanish wine tasting.  Our group had some mini tapas to go along with the wine.  To my suprise many folks at the tasting really liked the Fino Sherry with grouper pate, seared tuna and mussels.

Normally, when I teach a wine class and have students taste a dry Sherry, the responses range from, "It's uh, interesting" to "Ick!  that smells like nail polish remover."

My conclusion?  Always introduce dry Sherry with some food (preferably seafood and/or tapas) as an accompaniment.

The low down:

Jarana Fino Sherry
Non-vintage (made in the Solera method - read about it here)
$15 ($8 for a 1/2 bottle)
**** (out of 5 stars)


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marisa d'vari

Yes, this is a good food wine, but enjoyed it on its own. Tonight we had this in our class at the French Culinary Institute in NYC. I liked it with Marcona almonds - fab!

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