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22 September 2004

Flights Expanding Nationwide


Nope, this isn't a blurb about a new airline.  Today's Washington Post has an article about the 'flight' concept - as in wine flight.

Flights have now made the move to swanky bars & nightspots nationwide..

"In restaurant-speak, a flight traditionally refers to several small tasting pours of wine (two to three ounces each) as opposed to a full pour (six ounces).

But a number of bars and restaurants have adapted the flight concept -- a tasting menu in miniature -- beyond the wineglass to sake cups, shot glasses, tumblers, even the dessert plate."

I think this is a great idea.  I enjoy trying new wines and new spirits.  A flight makes this a safe bet.  Not only can you compare diferrent beverages side by side; but you can also discover something new without spending a whole lot of dough.

According to this article one DC establishment has a Vodka Flight.  I'm curious if anyone can really tell the difference, or better yet, succesfully blind taste vodka (non-infused or unflavored).  By definition vodka is a distilled neutral grain spirit, which means there really isn't much in terms of flavor.  Perhaps there are differences in texture, body, etc.  I'll have to try a Vodka flight..


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