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15 September 2004

Trip Music

Not only is Jack Irons' Website visually stunning, but he is also one heck of a drummer.

Jack originally drummed for The Red Hot Chili Peppers. He then played with Pearl Jam (on the albums No Code and Yield). Apparently he was not well and retired.

Lucky for us, he has channeled his percussive creativity into a new album, "Attention Dimension."

The most interesting thing is that he created this music (with the exception of one song) without the use of loops. Listen to the album and be amazed.

In my amateur opinion, his music reflects influences from the orient, middle east and techno with a new age twist.

This really is trip music. Listen to it as you drift off to sleep, or when you want to pull the shades on the outside world and take an aural trip.


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hey can u please upload this album and send me a link so i can download it? sounds interesting. e-mail here [email protected] .. thanks a lot!

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