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29 October 2004

Take Off the Autmn Chill


This time of year, words like chilly, damp and frosty start coming into the vernacular.  If it's a gray fall day, pick up some vital supplies:

1.  Tawny Port
2.  Toasted Walnuts
3.  Bleu Cheese (Stilton, Bleu d'Auvergne)

Port, walnuts and bleu cheese are a classic pairing.  Port is one of the few wines that can slay 'the funk' in bleu cheese.  Walnuts add another layer of toasty tannin.

It's better to try this pairing than read about it.  Trust me, you'll like it.

Some Tawnies to try:
Ramos Pinto Tawny ($14)
Warre's King's Tawny Port ($25)

Not sure what Port is, how it's made or how to decipher the label?  Visit Portugal's very own Institute of Port and be enlightened.



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