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03 December 2004

Adelsheim 'TF'

Adelsheim Vineyards of Oregon produces the typical wines - Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, etc., etc.  However, they also produce some Special ReleasesI've just sampled my first one: TF.  It's made from the Northern Italian grape, Tocai Friulano, which is used primarily in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia region.  According to Adelsheim, TF is in the Sauvignon family, "its wines have more seductive fruit and less grassiness."  Incidentally, this Tocai is not related to the Hungarian Tokaji or Alsatian Tokai.

Adels_tocai_friulano_03The Skinny
Adelsheim TF '03 ($23) Willamette Valley, Oregon
Light gold in color
Scents of Pear, peach & kiwi.  Also a slightly sweet spice scent lurking
The wine has a 'stony' crisp character.  Flavors of white & green fruits.  Moderate, balanced acidity and alcohol.  Young and simple - and good.
***(3 stars out of 5)

Try it with cream sauce dishes, poultry or veggie soup


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