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11 January 2005

Aussie Wines: for Morons?

KangarooTom at Fermentations blog caught an interesting comment from a *cough* Aussie wine "expert" :

Australian wines are generally produced for "The moron market"

Really?  I never knew..

[Ed's update:  while we're on the topic of Aussie wines & mass marketing, have a look at this article, written by little ol' me! (in PDF format)]


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Aussie wines for morons? I think that they definitely market (the low end wines anyway) to people that are easily drawn to cartoon animals on the lablel.

But...if they like the wine...why does that make them morons?

Wine snobbery at it's finest.


Amen. Rule #1 of wine enjoyment: If you like a particular wine, who cares what anyone else says/thinks about it?


Here here. I know at least a dozen people that drank only cheap white wines and sweet pink ones...until I introduced them to Yellow Tail Shiraz.

Do I still like Yellow Tail? No...but three years ago I would drink it regularly. It's a good "gateway" are many of the aussie vinos.

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