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21 January 2005

Charles Ellner: Riddler, Champagne Guy

RiddleNo, not that kind of riddler; this kind of riddler.  Mssr. Ellner began his wine life as a riddler.  He then gradually worked his way into the Champagne game.  The Ellner Champagne house appears to be a mid-size producer.  I recently sampled Ellner's 'Carte d'Or' Brut.  It's nearly a blanc de blanc (90% Chardonnay & 10% Pinot Noir).

Ellnerlabel_1The Skinny

Charles Ellner Brut Carte d'Or Champagne, NV ($40)
Epernay, France
Moderate gold color with a slight copper hue.  Large-ish bubbles (for a Champagne); moderately fast & steady bubble-bead
Heady scents of biscuits, orange, and tangerine
The flavor is quite yeasty/biscuity (almost Sherry-like) backed by softer flavors of almond and lemon.  Well-balanced; with a long finish and an ever-so-subtle hint of sweetness
**** (4 stars out of 5)

Wonderful by itself; structured enough to go with nearly any dish you're in the mood for.


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