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20 January 2005

Superquick Takes: the Reds

Logowind_5If you missed the Superquick Takes for the whites, click here.  These are a few of the Reds I sampled while at Vino Venue in San Francisco.

I.  St. Pauls Pinot Nero, '02 ($20).  From Alto Adige/Italy

  • Nearly transparent; light ruby with a distinct brick-colored rim
  • Surprising scents of eucalyptus & mint along with cherry
  • Light-bodied, herbal and woody with a menthol kick.  Very interesting and unique
  • Yum!

II.  Sineann Pinot Noir, '03 ($40).  From Newburg, Oregon

  • A frothy head!?!; moderate ruby in color
  • Sweet cherry scents along with a hint 'o mint
  • Crisp and well balanced in the mouth.  Flavors of red cherry and chocolate; long finish
  • Yum!

III.  Astrale e Terra "Arcturus," '00 ($32).  From Napa

  • (I was under a very dim light bulb, so I can't really describe the color) I'ts red
  • Spicy and a little vegetal/green peppery scents; blackberries and vanilla a la Oak
  • Slightly light-bodied for a Meritage.  Emphasis seems to be on Cabernet Franc.  Abrupt finish
  • Not so much :(

IV.  Ca Bianca DOCG Barolo, '00 ($38).  From Piedmont/Italy

  • Indigo-red (again light was dim)
  • I'm in funk heaven:  scents of cedar, tar, roses
  • Full body with noticeable, yet not stand-offish, tannins.  I need food with this one
  • Yum!


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