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06 January 2005

Va va vouvray

One would think that winter time would be the time for imbibing mostly red wines.  However, I've noticed that the last three bottles of wine I have, uh, shared with others, have been white.  Hmmm.


Vouvray (click map above)
is one of the most well known wines to come out of France's Loire Valley.  It's a Chenin Blanc-based wine and the style can range from dry to sweeet.  More often than not, entry level Vouvray is dry or slightly off-dry, which makes it quite flexible.  It's fine all by itself.  It's a good mate with Asian & Indian cuisine.  It's even happy to sit next to a plate of Barbecue and some hush-puppies. A lot of wine folk/foodies like it with seafood.  I prefer a racy S.Blanc or Muscadet with my fruits-de-mers; just a personal preference.

MontfortvouvrayThe Skinny
Chateau de Montfort Vouvray, '03* ($10)
AOC Vouvray, Loire Valley
Very pale gold in color
Peach-y, pear-y and a little floral-y in the nose
A very nice balance of slight sweetness and zingy acidity, with simple fruit flavors
***.5 (3.5 stars out of 5)

*Apparently the 2000 vintage was "bone dry" - make sure to check the label


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I love Vouvray!!!

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