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26 January 2005

WBW#5: whooh whooh *cough* whooh

A clink of the glass to Chez Pim for hosting WineBloggingWednesday #5

I'm a bit constrained in my local selection of "Cartoon Wines" due to the fact that I live in (the republic) of Utah, which is a state-run alcohol monopoly.  However, I did dig up Smoking Loon Cabernet Sauvignon.  I recently sampled both the 'Loon Shiraz & Viognier.  At $8-9 these are both pretty good wines.

Smokeloon_1The Skinny
Smoking Loon (hence the whooh-cough-whooh) Cabernet Sauvignon, '03 ($8)

  • From California
  • Deep ruby red with a day-glo sheen.  A very thin pink, watery rim (young wine!)
  • It wasn't a fruit-bomb.  Perhaps a fruit-bucket, but not a bomb.  Simple scents of blackberry, vanilla (hello, Oak chips), and caramel-spice
  • The flavor was almost all simple red-berry fruit. The wine is fairly light-bodied for a Cab.  A very brief finish.  Not quite enough Cabernet character in the mouth to sell me.

**.5 (2.5 stars out of 5)

This is a wine you can pop, sip, and forget about.  There will be no lasting memories, good or bad.  But hey; for eight bucks who cares?

Cheers to Lenn who invited me to post on WBW.


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Have you tried the Syrah? I would love to know how you feel about it.


Duh. I see that you did try it.


Hi Sam,

I thought the Syrah was much better - quality wise. Have you tried it? Like it? I also tried the Viognier, which was quite good as well (considering it's under ten bucks).




I did try it and loved it. I'll have to try the Viognier. Especially since it's under ten bucks.

Victoria Tiffany

All I can say is 'WOW'! I was fortunate enough to get a sampling of the 2004 Viognier Smoking Loon, and let me tell you I am HOOKED! This is a fantastic wine...forget the price I would pay 40.00 for a bottle of this. OUTSTANDING JOB Sabastiani & Sons...and the story of the Viognier Grape is fantastic!! Cognrats to you on a wonderful wine.


I am pretty disappointed by this wine. My first try tonight. The 'ride' is rough for me--sort of like chugging cough syrup. And, the cork is damn near impossible to get out. They use some funky rubber cork.


I was dissapointed by this wine, a smoking loon cabernet 2005 at $9/bottle, total waste of money no different than a $3 cheap wine. I am dissapointed by california wines I might try washington wines

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