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22 February 2005

A Man After My Own Palette

CavemanThe Caveman is fond of that old world wine funkiness - as opposed to the new world wine superfruit.  If you would rather reach for a Hermitage Blanc over a ginormous Chardonnay, I think you'll enjoy his posts.  And by the way, although he tastes wines that I can only dream about here in my Utah wine-desert, he writes with 0/zilch/nada wine snobbery.  Cheers, Caveman!


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Funny...Caveman and I were just "discussing" (via email) his wine selections...and how even in NY (not the city) I can't find most of them.

I do think I've got him convinced to visit LI sometime though (he has a friend here).

We need to have a wine blogger field trip, don't we?


Oh a field trip sounds great. And LI/NYC would be a great location.


Hey Beau,
Thanks a lot for the kind words, it's nice to be recognized by other wine affecianados that I hold in esteem. I'm all for a little field trip, get together, drunk-up! NYC is perfect, though I would love to welcome you all to my home turf in Montreal... so you, me, Lenn, anybody else?.. springtime in NY? sounds good to me.


Red is Life is a NY-based wine blog...and there are several food bloggers in NYC.

I do want to visit Montreal sometime though. In fact, rumor has it that my bachelor party might be there in late April :)

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