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17 February 2005

recycledJuice: Green Wine

This was one of my earliest posts on this site.  At that time (July '04), I think the only readers of basicJuice were me and my mom (who doesn't even drink wine - it was just out of luv; awww).  Since approximately two people read this post, I thought it deserved a re-airing (with a few edits):

Vinhoverde'Green Wine,' known as Vinho verde is a unique Portuguese wine.  It comes from Portugal's Northwest.  A straightforward example is Quinta da Aveleda's Vinho Verde. No, the wine isn't green. It's referred to as green (verde) because it is a young wine - as in green, not-quite-ripe fruit. Of course, this is a simple wine. But on a day like today with the thermometer shimmering at 96F  when you're exhausted after a long day, it hits the spot.

This wine has some residual sugar, but it also has enough acid to overcome any weighty sweetness. It pairs well with pears, multigrain bread, walnuts, or Gorgonzola. Vinho Verde also has a little spritz (what the French more elegantly refer to as petillance) in the bottle; no doubt from some residual fermentation. This makes it even more agreeable on a hot summer day to a tired mouth.

Give it a try.  While you're at it, check out Quinta da Aveleda's site; the wine descriptions are great.


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i love the verde... The best also age incredibly well... Best on the block so far that I have tasted is the Pazo de Senorans, a great Rias Biaxas effort from Spain. Higher alchohol, a little richer than the Portugese Vinho Verde. By the way, it is -20 this morning here in the mountains north of Montreal. Keep up the good posting.


Nothing like a cool sip of Vinho Verde on a crisp, -20 morning. Brrr. I wasn't aware that Verde is ageworthy.




I love VV. I don't even remember when I first had it, but in the summer I love to have it around. Plus, even the dirt-cheap ones can be charming and tasty.


The one (& only) one available here is Aveleda VV and it's only $7! A find deal if you ask me.


I've actually seen one for $4.99

Never tried that one though...yet.


i'm a fan of casal garcia (usually costs around $6).

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