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04 February 2005

Trois Vin Vignettes: #1 Red is the Color

Dear b.Juicers,

Cupid2Valentine’s Day isn’t about wine.  It’s about love.  Of course, you might wish to add wine and enhance cupid’s holiday.  In honor of this legendarily romantic day, I present “Trois Vin Vignettes.”  Or “Three Wine Scenes.”  Enjoy.

 Red is the Color

StarringArgyle Pinot Noir Reserve, ‘02 ($28) – Willamette Valley, Oregon
The scene:  A quiet evening at home, Nina Simone’s “Black is the color” plays softly in the background

Mike:  I’m home.
Samantha:  (bounding down the stairs) Happy Valentine’s Day lover!
Mike:  Thanks babe.  Too bad my hair isn’t black like Nina’s lover; otherwise you could serenade me.
Samantha:  I adore your red hair. (sings) Red is the color of my true love’s hair.
Mike: Keep singing.  I’ll have a sip of your wine. (sniffs wine)  Wow, this smells like black cherries.  Mmm.  It hits the spot.
Samantha:  Are you sure it doesn’t smell like red cherries?
Mike:   (playfully) I do declare Madame; it appears as if you’re flirting with me.
Samantha:  (singing) Red is the color..  (whispers) And would that be so wrong?
Samantha takes Mike’s hand
Samantha:  Follow me
The two glide up the staircase.

Fade to black.  Or perhaps redRedclose_2


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I agree with you


I agree with you

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