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11 February 2005

Trois Vin Vignettes: #3 Pop. Pop. Pop.

Cupid2_2_2If you missed the first vin vignette, click here.  If you missed #2, click here.

Pop. Pop. Pop. 

StarringBouvet Rosé Brut Vin Mousseaux (bubbly), NV ($15)- Loire Valley, France
The scene:  A ski lodge tucked away in the woods, the sun is setting after a long day of skiing

Erin: Oh lord! Why did we take that last run? My legs are completely shot.
Steph: We didn’t wipe out. You should be proud.
Erin: Yes - proud and pooped. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my eyes open past 8:30.
Steph: You just need to relax. I drew a bath for you. Why don’t you hop in the tub and soak.
Erin: (enters the bathroom) When did you draw a bath? And what about the bubbles? Where did they come from?
Steph: (playfully) You always take an hour getting your ski boots off. I did it while you were wrestling with your left boot. Come on; get in.
Erin: (in the tub and covered in bubbles) I always like putting my ear next to the bubbles so I can hear them pop. Steph? Steph, where did you go?
Steph: I’m just building a fire. Be with you in a second.
Erin: Where did you get all this energy? I don’t think I could even walk right now.
Steph: (turns off lights; followed by a loud popping sound) Want a sip?
Erin: (takes glass) You are amazing. I love you. (sips wine) Ahhh; and I love this bubbly.
Steph: Scooch forward, I’m getting in.

(glasses clink)

Erin: Happy Valentine’s day Steph.
Steph: (leans close to Erin’s ear and whispers) Cheers.

Fade to crackling fire

Perhaps the red, the white, and the bubbly weren’t the stars of these vignettes. However, they were most definitely supporting actors. Add some “vin” to your Valentine’s Day Vignette. Cheers.Cork


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Three bottles of bubbles starting dry with shell fish entre to fuller more frothy to go with the main course then something lightly sweet for desert and later the night stand makes for a tasty slide into valentine delights. Oysters on the half then diver’s scallops on a bed of sauteed spinach blended with fresh goat cheese; roasted game hen on a bed of wild and long grain rice with morels; chocolate moose tort.

Oh, did I forget to list the bubbles that went with these delights? Ok–more later :)
p.s.: like that HOT TUB Idea, too!

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