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16 February 2005

WBW#6: Vansha asks for your patience

Jeanne of Cook Sister! is hosting this month's Wine Blogging Wednesday.  And the theme is South African Wines.  I've reviewed/written about a few South African wines before:

I was curious to try Vansha, by Ridgeback Wines.  It's a blend of 70% Cinsault (one of the genetic parents of S.A.'s very own Pinotage grape), 25% Cab. Sauv., and 5% Shiraz.

VansharedThe Skinny
Ridgeback Wines 'Vansha' Dry Red, '03 ($8)

  • From the Paarl region of South Africa
  • Maroon in color with a thin, rusty-colored rim
  • Meaty/funky scents along with caramel, black fruit, and dates
  • An odd mouthfeel - nothing in the front of the mouth.  Slight tannins along the sides and a fairly long finish in the rear of the mouth.  A little out-of-balance:  High alcohol without enough acidity to counter-balance

My first impression of this wine was not terribly good.  However, I remembered that
Cinsault (in my humble opinion) needs a little extra breathing time before being sipped.  So after another 20 minutes or so I sampled the wine again.  This time, I was able to appreciate its unique scents and simple, drinkable flavors.
*** (3 stars out of 5)

Of course if you've never tried South Africa's very own grape, Pinotage, I suggest you try Fairview Pinotage.  It's truly an original.


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