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20 March 2005

Day-glo Rosé

Last weekend I was all ready for spring: modeling shorts (pasty white legs are blinding in a mirror), planning cookouts, and contemplating a bottle of day-glo Rosé (otherwise known as Renwod Syrah Rosé Sierra Series, '03 ($8)

Well it started to rain yesterday and it's snowing today.  So spring isn't quite here.  In spite of this, I gave the Renwood Rosé a sniff, slurp, and swish:

Renwooddayglo_1The Skinny
Renwod Syrah Rosé Sierra Series, '03 ($8)

  • Day-glo pink-cherry red in color
  • A fruit avalanche: red plums, cherries, strawberries
  • Medium-bodied, fruity, almost sweet, and heading in the direction of syrupy

** (2 stars out of 5)

I'm partial to lighter, dry Rosé; like Robert Sinskey Vin Gris of Pinot Noir or Tavel, the classic French Rosé.  However, if you're throwing a pool party this summer and it's hot.  An ice cold glass of Renwood Rosé will surely hit the spot.


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