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04 March 2005

Pinot "Blank"

I always describe Pinot Blanc as more of a texture experience rather than a taste experience.  PB is a nice compliment to  salty/savory/sweet meals (something with a whole lot going on like this Alsatian tart).  Just don't expect it to jazz up boring food.  Alas, Trimbach's '02 Pinot Blanc is just a little too "blank" even for me (the '01 vintage has much more character).  This is tough to admit, as I am a huge Trimbach fan (give the Riesling a try - it's great).  This is the first T-bach wine that I haven't really enjoyed.  *sniffle*

The Skinny
TrimbachpbTrimbach Pinot Blanc, '02 ($12)

  • From the Alsace Appellation of northeastern France
  • Medium yellow-gold in color
  • Very faint scents of yellow pear, Golden Delish apple; along with sight earthiness
  • Medium-bodied with less viscous (sticky, thick) character than many P.Blancs.  Moderate acidity and a somewhat short finish

**.5 (2.5 stars out of 5)

Like I said, if you've got a dish with a whole lot of bold, complex flavors, this wine will work fine.  If you plan on drinking it without any accompaniment, you might just fall asleep...zzzzz..Asleep


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When you finally make it out to Long Island to taste...I think you'll enjoy the Pinot Blanc from Lieb Cellars. I've had quite a few that are pretty lifeless...but not this one. It has great character...

Do I sound like way too much of an advocate for LI wines? haha


Hey, I'll take good PB wherever I can get it.

Anyone doing any other Alsatian varietals on LI (like Riesling, Gewurz, Pinot Gris)?


Nice not to be talking about terroir... Deiss,Beau, Deiss...Very sexy PB...


Oh that I could find Deiss here in my little corner of the world. It's a dream of mine (really).

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