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04 April 2005

Bushy Grenache

Grenache appears to be the next 'it' grape from the Aussies (Shiraz is so yesterday).  This grape is found in many Southern Cotes du Rhone vins.  It's also a player in a number of Spanish reds (known as Garnacha).  The Aussies tend to label some Grenache-based reds as, "Bush Vine Grenache."  This is in reference to how the vines are trainedYalumba is one of those wineries that likes to wax poetic about its bush vines:

"Yalumba is extremely fortunate to have amongst its growers a resource of very old, gnarly bush vines which produce low yields of concentrated Grenache."

Yalumbagrenache_1The Skinny
Yalumba Barossa Bush Vine Grenache, '02 ($13)

  • From the Barossa Valley of South Australia
  • Deep maroon core - fading to dark cherry colors with a thin pink rim
  • Intense blackberry scents accompanied by dried herb, sweet spice, date, and a little black pepper
  • Medium-bodied in the mouth.  Simple fruit flavors with dried fruit accents.  Slight tannins.  A little out of balance vis-a-vis alcohol and acidity (it finishes hot, which indicates alcohol trumping acidity)

*** (3 stars out of 5)

A bold, flavor-intense wine - it aint nuanced.  Yalumba will clobber delicate foods.  However, it tasted just fine with roast chicken + bread & butter.  For a slightly subtler example of Grenache, try Las Rocas.


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