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21 April 2005

cummings on wine

Sharginnyi often fantasize how a particular poet or author would approach wine writing.  for some strange reason, today, i wondered how the poet ee cummings would re-write this wine review.  if you aren't familiar with cummings, take a peek at some of his work.

with apologies to cummings and his fans: 

"viognier and chardonnay aka ginny and shar"

viognier and chardonnay aka ginny and shar
slid into the barrel (to be close; not far)

and they became gold that shimmered
so bright in the glass, and

the two subtly scented
as orange, apricot, honey;

and ginny was mellowed
by shar, barrel insides; and

the wine swirled 'round the mouth
tastes as peach, way down south

for whatever the food (as in thai or chinese)
ginny and shar are made for to please


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