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18 April 2005

Los Arcos: 9 bucks for bliss

Jerez_oI always maintain that I'm a big fan of Sherry.  By and large, Sherry is a fabulous value - and one of the world's most unique wines to boot.  So why do I rarely sip this Spanish specialty?  Well, problem number one is that I'm the only person in my home who likes it.  And problem two is, given the relatively high alcohol content and delicate nature of many dry Sherrys (like Fino and Manzanilla), I don't want to open a full-sized 750ml bottle only to waste much of it.

Thank heavens for Lustau 375ml's.  Now I can throw my own personal tapas party any time I want.  And all this for just 9 bucks.

LosarcosThe Skinny
Lustau "Los Arcos" Dry Amontillado, NV ($9 - 375ml)

  • A Solera Reserva wine from Jerez in southern Spain
  • Made from the Palomino Fino grape
  • A very bright caramel/copper color
  • Dizzying scents of toasted almonds, salt, dates, and wood
  • Ever-so-slightly off-dry with tawny Port-like flavors of caramel and almond - all wrapped up in a tangy package

**** (4 stars out of 5)

Got a favorite Tapa?  Los Arcos will pair perfectly with it.  Try it with Mom's Gazpacho.


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Hey Beau,
Does sherry go bad, or get worse if left open in the fridge? I've had a Lustau fino in the fridge for awhile now...hmmm. i better go have a sip... back in a bit.
PS. I like the gaspacho idea


The "experts" say that Palomino Fino-based Sherry (Fino, Manzanilla, and Amontiallado ) has a very brief shelf life once opened. I think it's true for Finos - in fact I know it's true. I've had a week old Fino before that was in the fridge and it wasn't good. But I haven't experimented with the other two types to know for sure. How'd yours in the fridge taste?

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