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13 April 2005

WBW#8: "Go big or go a casa!"

I anticipated a number of fine Nero d'Avola-based wines for WineBloggingWednesday#8.  I enjoy these wines, but wanted to find something a little different.  My choices are limited in Utah.  The state wine store offers only two Sicilian reds.  Luckily one isn't a Nero; it's a Syrah by Planeta.  "Planeta" is an apt descriptor of this wine - it's very big and very round.  In fact I could've sworn I heard the following words echoing in the bottle:  "Go big or go home!"

The Wine Doctor provides a nice history of the Planeta winery and its current offerings.  It’s only been in existence 10 years.  Thus I expected Planeta’s 2002 Syrah to be a big new world example of this Rhône varietal.  It’s big, but thankfully, not too big.

Planeta_syrah_1The Skinny
Planeta Syrah di Sicilia, ’02 ($40)

  • From the Maroccoli and Gurra vineyards on Sicily
  • Deep, dark indigo in color giving way to a pink rim
  • Heavy-duty concentrated scents of black plum, stewed blackberries, and dates.  Both sweet and savory spiciness leaps from the glass
  • Full-bodied with raisiny fruit flavors, round tannins, and a slightly spicy finish.  It’s well-balanced and isn’t syrupy the way many gigantic Syrah/Shiraz-based wines are.  Still a bit over the top.  I think it could use another 2-3 years in ye olde bottle

***.5 (3.5 stars out of 5)

Planeta Syrah is nearly a meal by itself.  Some may want to use a spoon.  I had it with Patatas Bravas and smoked sausage.  It amped up all the flavors and made for a lavish dining experience.


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Glad I just mentioned Planeta in mine. I'M at work so I have to do a latenight posting this evening. Nice post Beau, I'M with you on the big.


It is big indeed. I'm looking forward to your post. I suspect it's not a Nero..?

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