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19 May 2005

Hi Mom, I'm on TV

The local network came to my house today and is filming this.  I feel like such a doofus when it comes to TV.  I would be an awful gameshow host.  Perhaps I could practice by filming myself.  Now who wouldn't love to watch 24 hours of me blabbing?  I ask you.  I've also noticed that I make typos out the wazzoo whilst typing and being filmed at the same time.

Tonight I'm going to try Penner-Ash Pinot Noir/Syrah blend.  Should be interesting.  Stay tuned.

OK.  He's still filming so I'll try and type something else.  How bout this:  I've never bought an entire case of one wine for myself.  I get bored too easily.  One might say I have wine ADD.  I'm considering buying a case of Bodega Norton Torrontes to serve as my house white.  I don't want to serve the realllly good stuff to just average house guests. 

Now one of those lights from the camera is on my face and it feels like it's 130F.  Sweat is forming on my forehead.  This should look good on TV.  Nerdy, sweaty guy typing by himself.  Perhaps I should have had a bottle of wine by the laptop.  Of course then people would think I was a drunk writing about wine in Utah. 

Oh, I know for giggles, I should have had a box of some industrial-strength Aussie Shiraz on the table with dixie cups.  Fun times!!  Classy Utah wine blogger types and drinks wine out of paper cups.  yeehaaw.



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jens rosenkrantz

If it's the Rubeo I think you will like it!


Who knew we had a true superstar in our midst?

Cool stuff...and you definitely should have had some box wine with dixie cups around...oh well.

Perhaps some Wild Vines? Or maybe Mad Dog?


I was also thinking that I should have had a package of Twizzlers and bitten the ends of; using them as wine straws. Now that would have exuded class all the way, baby.

And btw, I wouldn't charactize this as 'stardome' - perhaps 'cultural oddity' better describes me...



It was indeed the Rubeo. I enjoyed it - though can't say that it had much Pinot character. It seemed more like a new world Shiraz (not that there's anything wrong with that). What was your take?


I have the same issue with cases. I get... tired of the wine, even a good one; I'm always looking for new wine experiences and a case of wine (that isn't for aging over decades) is just too much of the same, even when pleasurable. I usually end up forcing myself to drink the last 4 bottles or so. Or I bring them to parties so other people will drink them.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one.


I may invest in one really good case and drink one per year over a dozen years. But, I begged out of buying a case of house wine (I'd still get bored).

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