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11 May 2005

When Hiphop is good..'s really good.  Last Friday, I got to check out Pete Miser at the Mercury Lounge in NY.  He opened for Maktub,  a favorite band of mine.  Miser is not your typical corporate hiphop act (cough*Nelly*cough).  He comes with a live band, great DJ, and cool, innovative lyrics.  Exhibit A:
From "So Sensitive"

"..I smoke bowls with no weed in em
I wear tight drawers made of unwashed denim
Skinny like John Lennon with them little round glasses
Got beat down by Dido fans for my backstage passes

..It aint easy bein' me
with all these insecurities
I'm such a sensitive MC
My momma never told me I'd have days like this
I need a hug."

A great show.  Lots of energy, lots of diversity, and lots of fun.  Check him out - you just might discover that you enjoy hiphop again.


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