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13 June 2005

Yo *Corazon* Albariño

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of Spanish red wine that appears to be flooding my wine shop’s real estate.  It’s also easy to walk right past the modest six bottle-selection of Spanish white wine hiding in the corner.  Aside from Cava and Sherry, I’m guessing many wine lovers wouldn’t recognize Spain’s Riasbpredominant white producing regions like Rias Baixas, Ribeira, or Rueda.  Of course, the casual wine enthusiast might recognize northwestern Spain’s all-star white grape:  Albariño (Alvarinho in Portugal).  I would describe this grape as vaguely Sauvignon Blanc-like with less “veg” and more “fruit” character.

My most recent Albariño tasting:

The Skinny
Serra Serra Estrela, ’03 ($15)

  • Albariño from the D.O. Rias Baixas (in Galacia)
  • Green-gold in color with slight petillance, narrow, watery rim, and an overall glossy sheen
  • Scents of yellow pear and canned pineapple coupled to an overall mineral/stony aroma
  • The wine attacks with initially non-fruity flavors, followed by pear & citrus flavors, and finishes off with a crisp, mineral tongue-squeegee treatment

***.5 (3.5 stars out of 5)

This freshmacher paired nicely with a spinach, feta, and olive pizza.


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I love Spanish whites--most Albarinos are excellent. My favorites though, are the Ruedas from Galicia. Unfortunately, I've a hard time finding them. Any suggestions?


Hi Brandon,

I'ma actually writing an article about the "white ships of spain" They're ignored far too much in my opinion. Some readily available and good Ruedas you might be able to locate:

Martinsancho ~ $12
Naia ~ $12
Las Brissas - $9



Steven Tolliver

Hi Beau,

Don't know if you've already tried this one, but one of my all-time favorite Albariños is Pazo de Señorans (

To Brandon:
I'd say look for importers specializing in Spain and then ask for info on who is distributing and selling the wines they are importing.


Hi Steven,

I've not tried Pazo de Senoras. Do you happen to have a tasting note (or link to one) for it? Thanks for the tip.

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