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19 June 2005

K is for Kabinett

Sunday.  Brought to you by the letter K; as in Kabinett.

K - Kabinett
  If you’re not a fan of "Blue Nun" style German Riesling, grab a bottle with this word on the label.  Kabinett wines are usually dry or slightly off-dry.  Wine in this category isn’t allowed to be sweetened with unfermented grape juice as are many entry level German Rieslings.  Get your Kabinett Kabinettw_1groove on with Gunderloch Jean Baptiste Riesling Kabinett, ’03 ($19).


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I've had a couple of 7.5% kabinetts that were pretty sweet but way to go bringing the German's a little more exposure. I have been drinking Spatlese's quite alot these days.
Hope you are well and I should be back on line for the off-dry day.


You're alive! I was thinking about sending out a search party to recover your wine cellar (and of course you :) )


I picked up a few Kabinetts recently...figured I'd drink through them and see what was what. All were $15 or under I think...

Of course I got a couple Spatlese as well :) One can't live on Kabinett alone.


So which Kabs did you like? I need to expand my Riesling horizon..

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