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29 June 2005

Past its Prime? II

I've been hitting the wine shop's bargain bin lately in an attempt to discover how value-priced wine ages.  Thus far I'm two for two in pleasant experiences/discoveries.

The latest candidate is from South Africa.  It's Migration Pinotage, 2001, priced at ten bucks.

Pinotage is a pretty gnarly grape.  To some it's interesting.  To others it's a next door neighbor to Brussels Sprouts.  I happen to like a wine that throws scent & flavor curve-balls.

The Skinny
MigrationpinotageMigration Pinotage, '01 ($10)

  • Grapes 'migrated' and mixed from several regions:  Paarl, Stellenbosch, and Swartland
  • Deep purple in color with a thin, pink rim
  • Funk, funk, and more funk: scents of bacon, cedar, cigar, blackberry, and pepper
  • Medium-body with a distinctive flavor, and lasting finish.  The flavors, while unique, are not overpowering

***.5 (3.5 stars out of 5)

I gave this wine an extra 1/2-star because it offers something that most ten-dollar wines can't: ultra unique character.  Try it with the gamiest of gamey dishes.  It was dandy with my favorite delivery pizza (the Mt. Wolverine).


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