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08 June 2005

WBW#10: People's Pinot

I'm sitting this edition of WineBloggingWednesday out.  Well, not exactly.  Instead of giving my take on a White Pinot, I simply acted as scribe to a small tasting panel (size = 3).  First, the details on the candidate Pinot:

Adelsheim_pg_1Adelsheim Oregon Pinot Gris, '03 ($14)
Most of the grapes (93%) are from the Chehalem Mountains and the remainder from the Dundee Hills.

And now for the panel discussion...

Ok. let's talk color.  Can you describe it for me?

Ambercolor_2S:  Lemon-gold.
K:  I'm thinking of some yellowish flower..
C:  It has some amber, green, and, hmmm - it looks kind of dirty-blond
K:  Yes, it has an amber-yellow color.

How about scents?  Let's start with fruit scents.

StrawkiwiS:  Kiwi and something orange-like.
K:  I smell strawberries.  Is that wrong?
C:  Granny Smith apples and pears.

Any non fruit scents?

MeadowS:  Oh!  I smell orange rind.  Not orange, but orange rind, or zest.
K:  It smells kind of woodsy to me..
C:  Like grass; wet grass; a meadow.
K:  Yes, like a wet meadow.

Can you describe what it tastes and feels like in your mouth?

SqueegeeS:  It feels as if the taste actually starts below the tongue.
K: It finishes quick and wipes the palette clean.
C:  It's feels full in my mouth, but it's also crisp and clean.

This wine costs about $15.  Would you buy it for yourself and/or drink it again?

ThumbupS:  Definitely!  I love Oregon Pinot Gris and they usually cost about $20.  This is a good deal.
K: Yes.  I'm normally a red wine drinker, but this wine is a great aperitif.
C:  I liked it, but it doesn't beat my favorite $7 bottle of Vinho Verde.

There you have it.  Democracy in action.



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Sounds like you had some good tasters! Oregon Pinot Gris has been popular for this event!

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