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22 June 2005

Wineless Wine Tasting

Nowine_2Have you ever been to a wineless wine tasting?  I’m guessing no - unless, like me, you happen to live in the striving-to-be-dry state of Utah

During the 2002 Winter Olympics, it was widely regarded that the state DABC looked the other way and slightly loosened Utah’s draconian liquor laws.  Utah put on its less-puritanical face for the world.

Well, it’s now 2005 and this state’s liquor laws are as confusing as ever.  And each and every bewildering letter of the law is now being enthusiastically enforced.  Care for an example? 

How does this clink your goblet...

Last night I was invited to attend a wine tasting being held in conjunction with a special screening of the film, Mondovino.  A diverse and impressive group had organized the event:  A restaurant, local wine educator (not me), chamber of commerce, fine dining club, and a wine & spirits distributor.  I arrived at the event and noticed something conspicuously absent:  the wine.  I asked the wine broker what happened.  He told me that the DABC had requested the event be cancelled.  Apparently the event did not comply with all of the alcohol regulations.  Let’s run down the details of the event:

  • It was organized as a private event
  • The wine tasting area was enclosed and signs advertising a, “private event,” were clearly visible
  • The wine tasting was being directed by a credentialed wine educator
  • The wine tasting was to be carefully monitored (i.e. bottles wouldn’t be floating freely about)

I don’t know what else the event organizers could have done to further create a controlled environment.  In spite of this, the event was cancelled.  At the end of the day, it is clear Utah just doesn’t get wine.  The history, culture, and enjoyment that wine brings much of the civilized world is sadly not available to the residents of Utah.

I feel the event organizers’ pain.  I will also halt my attempts to defend Utah as, “not that bad” when it comes to enjoying wine.  Any jab or jeer about Utah liquor laws now seems at least partially deserved. Cheers Welcomeut


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That is just insane. You gotta get outta there man!

What's next? Will YOUR classes be cancelled?


I half expect the prohibition-SWAT team to bust into one of my classes and start pouring bottles down the drain. Hasn't happened yet though. They'll have to pry my corkscrew from my cold, dead hands :)a


If one checks out this site and looks at who is on the UDABC Commission they will see that two persons are losing their appointments at the end of this month (June)Mr. Lewis and Mrs. Martes. I wonder what their religious affliation is and who is being considered for their replacements. Maybe we could suggest our wine guru Beau! Does anyone out there have any political swing that could help our cause? Beau are you interested? Che

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