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29 June 2005


Grrr_1Two wine words I hate (W.W.I.H.):

  1. Quaff, quaffable, quaffer*
  2. Cloying

*Although I must admit to being guilty of using it in the past.  I'm working on some replacement words: gulp, swill, imbibe, guzzle, DRINK.

So tell me what wine words do you hate??


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Can you use that adjective in a sentence madame? :)


I too hate "quaffable"...I just call it "gulpable"...what non-wine snob uses "quaffable"!?!?!

I'm going to refrain from suggesting any others though...for fear that I may be caught having used them in the past myself!


I dig gulpable. I thought of another WWIH: "Structure"


I can hop on the anti-"structure" bandwagon...and I can say proudly that I do NOT use that word in my reviews...on LENNDEVOURS or in print.

I don't use "bramble" either...but that's just because I've never had anyone I'm tasting with help me identify it. Unlike some wine writers...I won't use a word if I don't know what it means/smells/tastes like. At least I feel like some writers do that!


You know, I'm not sure I *can* use that adjective in a sentence. It just reminds me of people mocking wine snobs. "Heady, yet unpretentious..." and that kind of blather.

Culinary Fool

Uh oh. Sorry to put you through the agony of reading that "c" word in my WBW#11 post!

Unfortunately I have to disagree with you on point 2 - although I'm completely with you on 1. I think the "c" word is a perfect description of a wine that just holds on too long - just like a sugary southern belle. :-)

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