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14 July 2005

Nobilo Ignominio

I’m a big fan of NZ Pinot Noir.  With all due respect to our California friends, NZ Pinot offers the best bang-for-the-buck.  I’ve enjoyed twelve-buck Pinot from Brancott.  I’ve also happily slurped Brancott’s reserve P.N.  So of course when I noticed a new Kiwi Pinot in my wine shop the other day, I eagerly took it home.

Sadly, this New Zealander just isn’t up to snuff.

The Skinny
NobiloiconNobilo Icon Pinot Noir, ’03 ($17)

  • From New Zealand’s Marlborough region
  • Dayglo cherry-red with a watery rim
  • Fairly strong scents of strawberry, cherry, and vanilla
  • Light-bodied, with subtle, simple fruit flavors.  Not much in the way of tannins.  A brief, fleeting finish

** (2 stars out of 5)

On the bright side, I was able to taste that this wine is indeed a Pinot Noir (and that’s sayin something - some budget Pinots don’t taste like much of anything).  On the down side, for close to $20, there wasn’t much to it.  I'll stick with the Brancott Reserve Pinot Noir for a fine Pinot in the twenty dollar price range.


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As discussed Beau - Kings Row Waipara Pinot Noir 2004 retails here NZ$18. Made by Boundary Vineyard (

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