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10 July 2005

One Final WBW11 Contribution

One of my favorite wine-bloggers, Bill the Caveman (who hasn't updated his blog in a long while due to his addiction to Rolling Stones bootlegs), sent me his contribution.  I'm posting it here, because this sounds like quite an interesting wine & food pairing.

Deiss_eg00Direct from the Caveman:

"I tried, i made the dinner , i drank the bottle, but alas.. too much to do to blog it properly... so i am mailing it in... Engelgarten 2000 from Marcel Deiss.. 70% Riesling with the other 30% Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris. Engelgarten (the vineyard) is very pebbly so this Alsace drinks like a Mosel, and is vinified in a similar fashion. Worked superbly with roulades of salmon, broiled with sesame seeds and served on a bed of thinly sliced cucumbers... Yummy!"

Now if I can only convince Bill to provide us the recipe for the roulades of salmon..

And an interesting fun fact:  Engelgarten (the vineyard) = Angel Garden


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