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11 July 2005

the Top3 20June-10July


  1. We all got off quite nicely.  Check out the WBW#11 summary by the numbers & list of contributions
  2. Scheurebe.  Learn to pronounce it.  Learn to love it.  Let the WineGoddess be your Scheu-guide
  3. Need a little romance?  Pull out a 'Jackson' and get some

And for you observant types, Basic Juice now has a new Masthead (look up to the top of the page).  Do you love it?  Hate it?  Indifferent?  Some feedback would be much appreciated


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Richard AB

I liked the original. The text is too big and spread out.

Richard AB

Just to elaborate, I like the photo but it needs to be more pinot noir. The fonts need more style., more moderne.

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