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13 July 2005

WBW Memories

My Friend Jens of the C.wizzle-grizzle has a T+one week WBW#11 post.  And I thought, "Why not share it with the world?"  You can read it here or at CWG.

Marconegrimosc_2Marco Negri, Moscato D'Asti DOGC 2004 ($16) -- Italy, bottled by Negri SS Costigliole D'Asti. 5.5% alcohol. Some beers have more kick than this effervescent aperitif. I am a little clueless on this one, but I am making a stab at what I think it "off dry", that is not dry or sweet, but a little sweet I guess. Keep the guests away from this one as they will quickly finish this bottle off in a matter of minutes if left unattended.

This stuff could be habit forming! It is not overly sweet, just slightly so. I can see myself enjoying a pasta lunch on the stone escarpment in Portofino by the blue-green Mediterranean while downing several glassses of this thirst quenching, refreshing wine. Waiter, check please, my yacht is double parked at the marina. Now I just need to work on that fashion look of my blazer thrown over my shoulders! Ciao Bella!


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