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01 August 2005

Argyle: A Basic Chardonnay

Too often value-priced wines in the $8-$12 range try to be something else.  They pretend to be more upscale.  In the case of Chardonnay, this often results in heavy, syrupy, artificial-tasting wine.  Lucky for me, the folks at Argyle winery in Oregon understand what a $10 Chardonnay should be:  It should be simple and crisp, with a hint of creaminess and/or spiciness that lets the average wine drinker know s/he is drinking Chardonnay.  In other words, A Basic Chardonnay.

The Skinny
ArgylewvchardArgyle Chardonnay Willamette Valley, '02 [keep in mind the 2003 vintage was much hotter, as a result, the '03 Chardonnay is bigger & bolder] ($10)

  • From Oregon's Willamette Valley
  • Light gold in color - a delicate-looking Chardonnay
  • Simple scents of pear and apple, along with a hint of cream, vanilla, and  cinnamon/clove spice
  • Medium body with a crisp attack in the mouth, followed by a full, pleasant finish

***.5 (3.5 stars out of 5)

If you've given up on Chardonnay for whatever reason.  Come back to Char' with Argyle - you'll be happy.  In addition to being simply good-tasting, Argyle Chardonnay is extraordinarily flexible.  Try it with poultry, fish, or even a sun-dried tomato pizza.


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