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16 August 2005

Swanky Snacks: Truffle Popcorn

Swanky_partyWanna throw a swank cocktail party; but, don't feel like busting your hump?
First off, start with bubbly*Champagne, Cava, Prosecco, or Sparkling Wine.

Now you're 3/4 of the way to a swank party.  Wiggle over the swank-finish line by dishing up this little bar snack:


  • 1 or more bags microwave popcorn (Do I really need to explain how to pop the stuff?)
  • Black truffle oil (it's expensive, but you'll only be using an eensy bit)

Pop the popcorn - be sure not to burn it!  Pour a small amount of popcorn into daiquiri/margarita glasses.  Just before serving, drizzle a very small amount of truffle oil over popcorn.  Enjoy the party.

*Surprisingly, a dense, dark, brooding red wine will work as well.


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Oy. Truffle popcorn?

I've drizzled olive oil, but truffle oil? Might never have had the idea.


I think it's delightfully funky-tasting.

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