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23 August 2005

The Jugsy Challenge

JugsychallengeHello everyone! Welcome to America’s hottest new game show, The Jugsy Challenge. I’m your host, Wink Baggenbochs.
Let’s introduce today’s contestants: From the Big Apple, she’s a discerning wine critic who knows how to dissect wine with only a couple of sniffs and a single sip. KW, welcome to the show.

Thank you, Wink — I’m excited to play.

Our other contestant is a Salt Lake City resident. She’s a casual wine drinker who knows exactly what she likes and what she doesn’t like. CC, welcome to The Jugsy Challenge.

Thanks, Wink! I am glad to be here.

Alright everyone, here’s how we play! Our crack staff has selected two value-priced “jug” Chardonnays for you to taste. One is in the conventional 1500ml magnum bottle, which is the equivalent of two standard-sized 750ml bottles. The other wine is in the revolutionary new bag-in-box cask. This is an airtight bag that allows wine to remain fresh in the refrigerator for one month or longer. All you have to do is tell me which one you prefer.  After I hear your answers, we move on to the bonus round. In the bonus round I will ask each of you which wine you would serve at your best friend’s house-warming party and which one you would take to your boss’s unbearably lame annual office party. The contestant who answers most convincingly wins our fabulous grand prize.

Okay, contestants, let’s play The Jugsy Challenge!
Wine number one is Hardy’s Stamp of Australia Chardonnay in a three-liter bag-in-box cask. Hardy’s describes this wine as having “clean fresh citrus melon and peach aromas.” This three-liter box sells for $16; it is the equivalent of four regular-sized bottles. KW what do you think of this wine?

Well, Wink, let me say that the packaging is great. Who wouldn’t want to have a fresh glass of wine available in the fridge at any time? This Chardonnay smells like canned pears in heavy syrup. It’s smooth and easy to drink, but unfortunately it does taste quite artificial.

All right! Thank you, KW. Now, CC — what do you think?

Wink, this tastes a little like nail polish remover.

Uh, thank you CC. Anything else?

Yes, Wink. Can I have a glass of water, please? I really need to get this taste out of my mouth.

Lindemansbin65chardonnayOkay, contestants, moving along: Let’s taste Lindemans Bin 65 Chardonnay in a magnum bottle. That’s the equivalent of two regular-sized bottles. This wine sells for $12. Lindemans describes Bin 65 Chardonnay as offering “fresh white peach, pear and citrus aromas with a hint of oak complexity on the nose.” CC, give us your opinion, please.

Wink, it’s really fruity. It tastes kind of sweet. I suppose I could drink a glass of this wine if I had to.

And KW — your opinion?

Wink, I smell butter and apple scents. It feels creamy in my mouth and the flavor lasts slightly longer than the first wine. This wine does indeed have the telltale qualities of a value-priced Chardonnay. I would select it over the bag-in-box wine.

Thank you, contestants. Now let’s move on to the bonus round. CC, which wine would you serve at the house-warming party and which one would you take to the lame office party?

Wink, if I had to choose, I would serve the Lindemans Chardonnay at the house-warming party and conveniently “forget” to take that other wine to the office party. I wouldn’t want to get fired.

Thank you CC for your honesty. KW, may I have your answer?

Wink, I agree with CC. While I think the concept of a bag-in-box wine is admirable, the quality of this Chardonnay falls below Lindemans Bin 65. However, I recommend keeping your eye on bag-in-box casks as some wineries are rumored to be offering their quality wines in this packaging format in the near future.

Those were great answers, contestants! The judges have declared a tie. You both win our fabulous Grand Prize: one brand new, three liter bag-in-box wine!

Excuse me?   Contestants?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it looks like our contestants have unexpectedly left without claiming their prizes.  However, tune in again for the next episode of The Jugsy Challenge, coming up in the next few months when quality wines are finally available in this ingenious bag-in-box wine cask package. Good night and cheers!


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An excellent

Have you (or any of your contestants) ever tried the Black Box wines? They were hyped as quality wine in box format...but the Merlot I picked up was pretty awful.

I tried the Cabernet about 1.5 years ago. And let's just say it didn't make a very good partying gift. But dammit man! Doesn't it make sense to put good, value priced wine in a BiB? I would love to pour a fresh glass at my leisure.


Great originality! I have tried both wines recently in bottle. Crap aint they.


Beau- I'd try this one with some cheese doodles. If its been in the cabinet for 8 years you might, in fact, be doing the doodles a disservice. Its all about fresh with PG, even if its late harvest.


Ick/ugh. But love the packaging!


I agree that the concept behind the bag-in-box is great. But as long as wineries can get more money per volume for bottled wine, I very much doubt that they will start selling their best wines in bib's. But that being said, I am more than willing to buy a good winery's lesser wine in bib's for next to nothing. Now that's value for money for ya!


I agree. I don't expect wineries to put their "super cuvees" in BiBs. Yet the lower end stuff that's pleasant enough would be perfect in a BiB...

Damon Foster

I am posting to let people know about the custom cabinets that I make for box wines. Simply pull the wine bladder out of the cheesy cardboard box and put it into the wine cabinet.These furniture quality pieces add style to the wine in a box format,and are perfect for parties and gatherings. I have several styles and models, and I can send pictures if anyone is interested.
Foster Enterprises

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