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20 September 2005

Ancient Aussie

It's likely that most wine drinkers, if asked, would place Australia in the New World camp.  Well, what would you think if I told you that our friend Cam of Appellation Australia recently tasted a 100 year old Australian wine?  To whit:

Seppelt"This was in 1878 and each subsequent year a barrel has been put aside to be untouched for a minimum of 100 years. Wine is bottled only on demand and Seppelt still has unbottled stock for all years back to 1878. This makes Seppelt the only company in the world to have significant stock of unbottled wine laid down in consecutive vintages for what is now 127 years.

Unlike a solera system, where vintages are blended together, the Seppelt 100yo Para is a true vintage wine with 100% of the wine being from the specified vintage.

This particular vintage of 100 year old Para is a blend of Mataro, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache and Malbec."

It sounds like a fascinating experience.  I think I'll start saving up my pennies so someday I will be able to afford a 375ml of hundred year old SeppeltAt $575AU, it seems rather reasonable....considering.


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