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06 September 2005

Cuvaison Carneros Chardonnay

I was taken with Cuvaison’s Carneros Pinot Noir, so I moved on to its white running mate:  Cuvaison Carneros Chardonnay.

The Skinny
CuvaisonchardCuvaison Carneros Chardonnay, ’03 ($22-$25)

  • From Cuvaison’s 400-acre Carneros estate
  • Bright yellow-gold in color with a thin watery rim
  • Bold scents of quite-ripe pear & apple, vanilla, caramel, and butter
  • In the mouth this Chardonnay has a rich and viscous texture.  Sweet spice and fruit flavors are followed by a warm lingering finish.  The wine does seem slightly ‘hot’ (a bit high in the alcohol:acid ratio department)

**.5 (2.5 stars out of 5)

Let me state that my palette is not predisposed to big, bold Chardonnay.  However, if this is your style, Cuvaison’s Chardonnay is bursting with bigness and boldness.  I would take this wine as a solo-sipper.  Methinks it will steamroll most foods.

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