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20 September 2005

Expand Your Wineblog Horizons 2

BinocsMany wine bloggers are, well, male.  That's why it's always nice to find wine bloggers who aren't, well, male.  Recently I've started visiting two wine blogs authored by women:  Carolyn Tillie's Ultimate California Wine Blog (phew!) and The Wine Chicks. And irrespective of gender, both blogs are very good.

Carolyn's blog focuses on exploring the terra vino that is California.  It's an excellent resource for those of us wanting to discover new producers in the golden state.

Meanwhile in NYC, Jay & Kristin (AKA The Wine Chicks) blog about diverse wines.  For example, they chose two wines that I had never heard of for the, "Best in the Last 30" meme.

Cheers to both blogs.  Check 'em out!


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