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12 September 2005

got Flare?

DovalenciaIf you ever worked as a server in a TGI-like restaurant, you are likely familiar with the concept of flare.  I prefer sipping flare rather than wearing it.  And there's nothing like a little flare from Spain's central coast (D.O. Valencia).  This Flare is a bubbly Moscatel made in the Charmat (AKA Tank/Bulk) Method.

The Skinny
Cheste Flare Epumoso de Moscatel, NV ($7-$10)

  • Made from the Moscatel (Moscato in Italy; Muscat in France) grape
  • Light gold in color with small, steady bubble-beads
  • Like many Muscat wines, the scent reminds me of a bowl of fresh grapes with a couple of peaches thrown in
  • Semi-sweet/off-dry in the mouth, but with enough crispness to escape the 'syrupy zone.'  A pleasant aperitif wine

*** (3 stars out of 5)

Flaremoscatel_1The perfect happy-hour sip.  This Moscatel would also be fine with fresh fruit or a slice of peach pie


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